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          Palmer Cemetery 

         is a Philadelphia Historic Commission Landmark

        Trusted to the Community of Kensington In 1765

               By the family of Anthony Palmer,The Founder of Kensington


                Memphis and Palmer Streets
                 Philadelphia, PA 19125

 Lottery Tickets Now Available

Nancy Bartelle and John Lonergan have been organizing the "Friends of Palmer Cemetery" group, to help with fundraising and promoting our historic cemetery. A monthly 3 digit lottery ticket is now being sold for $10.00 and will begin on July 1st, 2014. The prizes are great and the proceeds will be used for the care of the cemetery. Please email johnlonergan104@gmail.com, or see Nancy Bartelle at Bedazzled Salon for tickets . If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of Palmer Cemetery, more information is available from John and Nancy!



 Clean Up Results: The First volunteer clean up took place on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. Only a handful of people showed up on the nice cool morning, but they did the work of dozens. The volunteers concentrated on cleaning the paths throughout the cemetery, removing dirt and leaves built up over the winter months. This past winter was hard on the cemetery. With the colder temps and heavier than usual snowfall, we have a lot to do this spring and summer. It seems like many more of the old marble and granite headstone are in need of straightening or resetting. Palmer Cemetery is NOT a perpetual care cemetery. It is the responsibility of the family to make sure the headstones are in good order. We will do our best to help when we can, but we are limited in financial resources and need the help of the community to maintain the cemetery. If you cannot volunteer, making a small cash donation will be most helpful. All money donated is used for the care and upkeep of Palmer Cemetery.  Tree trimming began on April 16th, 2014 and is almost complete. This was a costly project, but much needed to ensure all visitors safety. The grass cutting has begun for 2014 and this is also done by a private contractor and is not cheap. We will cut the grass about 10-12 times this year and spend well over $10,000.00. Please consider making a monetary donation to help us care for our cemetery.







 Friend's of Palmer Cemetery Group Now Forming:


The "Friends of Palmer Cemetery" Group is now being organized and will work to raise much needed funds for the care and upkeep of our Historic Cemetery. The group will be headed by John Lonergan, a former trustee of the cemetery, and Nancy (Preston) Bartelle, The owner of BEDAZZLED Hair Salon in Fishtown. Nancy has volunteered for many years at Palmer. Both John and Nancy are lifelong residents of Fishtown.


The Friends of Palmer Cemetery will also work to make the community more aware of the historical significance of the cemetery. Our neighborhood is constantly changing, with new homes being built and new people moving in. We are hopeful that the "Old Fishtowner's" and the new residents will support our efforts to preserve the history of our community.


The Friends of Palmer Cemetery group is still being organized. The group will work closely with the trustee's of the cemetery and will follow the same principals that were established with the founding of the cemetery almost 300 years ago. While the cemetery is basically full, and very few burials occur at Palmer, the grounds must be maintained. This requires support from the community....volunteer support and financial support. There will be a membership drive for the Friends of Palmer Cemetery in the near future.


For more information about this new group, please call John Lonergan at 215-426-9348 or see Nancy Bartelle at Bedazzled Hair Salon at Belgrade and Montgomery Avenue.


2014 at Palmer Cemetery


The new year has started out very cold and snowy, and the cemetery has been impacted by the crazy weather. I do not remember a colder winter, and with the frequent snow and ice storms, the cemetery has been closed quite a bit recently. The paths are iced over and the trees are filled with the remnants of the recent storms. The tree limbs are taking a beating and will need a great deal of work to make sure it is safe for people to visit once the weather improves. The extensive tree work that will be needed is not cheap, but it is necessary and will be done in the near future. We also purchased a new snow blower in January, to keep the pavements clear around the cemetery. With salting and the labor needed to clear the sidewalks, we are spending more this winter than in recent memory. Please consider making a monetary donation to help us maintain this historic burial ground. The history of our community lies within the fences of Palmer Cemetery.



New Paving on Belgrade Street

The new paving was completed by cement contractor Anthony Lynch, and he did a great job. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a nice, neat job at a fair price. The new paving was the last phase of replacing the uneven and dangerous sidewalks around the cemetery. Looking at the records, the sidewalks on Montgomery Avenue and on Memphis Street were replaced sometime ago by former trustees. Funding any project is always a problem and kept the entire sidewalk from being replaced based on the information available. But at last the job is done and we feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thanks to all of the large and small donations we received, without them we would not have been able to do much more the sweep the pavements.  A special Thanks to the Penn Treaty Special Services District group for their financial support. The money donated from the Sugar House Casino and The PTSSD has beeninstrumental in getting the new paving, and for other projects inside of the cemetery. The operational grant allows us to continue to maintain the grounds of Palmer Cemetery. 

We need all of the help we can get! Please consider sending a donation to help maintain this important piece of Fishtown's history. If you have a friend or loved one buried here, please consider making a donation in their memory.  Information on how to donate is located on the donation page of this website.




Please Do Not bring your dog into the cemetery. Please be considerate and pick up after your dog if you walk it around the cemetery. Thanks!

Palmer Cemetery is NOT a Perpetual Care Cemetery. We do our best to maintain the grounds with the financial donations we receive, but a good deal of the work has to be done by volunteers to save money. We will do our best to straighten and reset headstones, but it is the responsibility of the family to maintain the grave site. We realize that most of oldest families have moved away and may not even know they have family buried here, so we do our best to straighten or lift a stone. Some of the larger stones need a small crane to lift, and a new foundation to set the stone on. The stones are sinking or falling mainly due to weather conditions (rain, snow and freezing temps ). We can only do so much and need help. Small donation from the community will go along way in getting things done here. Please consider making a financial donation to help us maintain our historic cemetery.


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